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September 17, 2008

I am a great believer in half measures

Or no measures at all. And I am a great champion

Of dishonest suffering, false modesty and vain inhibitions.

When the problem, painful to admit, is pure

Laziness: punishing myself for doing nothing

By doing nothing. I am often informed that I have nobody

To blame but myself as if any comfort might be derived

From this cruelly stated fact.



September 16, 2008

In darkness slowly awakening

To what I have not always known:

That it is too late in the day or the lifetime

To change course or return –  with

Any stainless sense of purpose –  to the dream.

The notion that I might ever accomplish anything

Remains confined to dusty imagination

And when I close my eyes, it is still too bright.


September 3, 2008

Another day lies squandered behind me.

The effluvia of recent useless vacillation

Pollutes my abode and suffocates my higher faculties.

I seek relief from the nausea of my own society

In the outside world.

To reward myself with distraction:

Not for work well done, or done at all

But as relief from tormenting myself over not doing the work…


September 2, 2008

It was not meant for me to fail.

It doesn’t feel right.  But it is

What I have chosen to undo

With my life, what I have unmade

Of  myself.  It is disturbing that I am prepared

To settle for so little: only promise.  But perhaps

There never really was a time of  promise;  –

I’ve always felt past my prime.